How To Craft A Strong Job Application Letter In Nigeria -2023

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Until they are compelled to write one, people frequently believe that the art of letter writing is one of the easiest things to undertake.

An invitation to an interview requires a strong application letter.

I’ll thus go into great detail about how to draft a strong cover letter for a job in Nigeria.

A cover letter is a formal introduction you send to the possible employer you are addressing when you apply for a job in Nigeria.

Most of the time, it gives you an advantage over other job seekers by convincing your potential employer that you are superior to the competition.

Due to the influx of thousands of graduates each year, the Nigerian labor force faces fierce competition on the job market, particularly when vacancies are offered. Thousands of applications who are interested can be seen.

Make your application letter memorable because it could make or break your chances of being employed.

When applying for jobs, a cover letter or application letter is necessary. If you have a resume/CV and a written statement outlining your key selling points and career highlights, you should include it with your application.

You’ll be able to differentiate your application from the sea of tasteless and stale ones if you follow the advice in this article.

You’ll be able to compose an effective cover letter for a job in Nigeria with ease.

If you have any questions or require more clarification, please let me know in the comment section. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

I hope your job application is successful.

the contents table
Overview of an application letter
How to Write a Successful Job Application Letter in Nigeria
Create a plan
Make a draft of the salutations.
Work on your writing as you draft your letter.
Create a Custom Application
Draw a portrait of yourself.
Add your contact information
Finish the letter by closing it
student using a laptop and book while studying, according to the application letter
Application letters that list your qualifications for a post are sent with your resume.

Most of the time, it outlines your qualifications for the job you’re applying for.

A cover letter is a tool for introducing yourself as a potential employee. A strong cover letter covers your top qualifications and talents and explains why you want to work for the organization.

In your application, explain to the employer why they should choose you for an interview and how you would help them.

Your capacity to write a potent application letter will determine how likely you are to acquire a job.

If your application letter does not appeal to the hiring manager, you will not be invited for an interview.

How to Write a Successful Job Application Letter in Nigeria

Here are some guidelines on how to draft a strong cover letter for a job in Nigeria:

  1. Create a plan
  2. Make a draft of the salutations.
  3. Improve Your Language
  4. Create a Custom Application
  5. Draw a portrait of yourself.
  6. Add your contact information
  7. Finish your letter.
  8. Create a plan

Like every formal letter, a job application letter has a predetermined format.

If you’ve already made a plan for your application letter based on your research and understanding of the organization, it will be simpler for you to write it.

Write down the paragraph headings and any additional thoughts that come to mind for the time being.

If you were looking for a job in Nigeria, you could use the following sample application letter format:

Business address

“Strong leadership; excellent customer service; efficient use of resources,” begins the introduction.
“How your experience matches their requirements,” are some justifications for applying.
Your qualifications and what you can provide.
Summary and gratitude
Make a draft.
Before writing the actual application letter, you should draft one based on your research, understanding of the company, and the nature of the position.

You will have the chance to polish every facet of your draft during the last stages.

You shouldn’t just copy and paste a sample cover letter for a job application from the internet into your own document.

you put it in writing.


The salutation you choose when writing a job application is important since it is the first thing an employer or hiring manager will see when they open your file.

If you are unsure of the recipient’s name, you should address them as “Dear Sir/Madam.”

Write Your Letter In the first paragraph, discuss your accomplishments and strengths.

Consider it a one-minute sales pitch.

Avoid using cliches and clichés in your phrases to keep them succinct and relevant.

In the second paragraph of your application letter, which summarizes your professional experience, concentrate on the employer’s requirements. It’s time to highlight some of your most noteworthy achievements.

Please give details about your academic history, including your SAT scores, degrees, honors, and accomplishments, if you are an entry-level applicant.

You should express your enthusiasm for the organization and emphasize how well your beliefs and purpose connect with the needs of the company in the third paragraph.

Write your first draft, then go over it several times to weed out any cliches, clichés, or unnecessary sentences.

Don’t describe oneself with words like “I’m hardworking” or “I’m creative.”

First of all, such claims have come to be accepted as fact.
Second, the standard of your work will reveal how committed you are to the task at hand.
Improve Your Language
It would be ideal if you used better language to convey yourself than the typical applicant.

Don’t waste space in your application letter with meaningless, general sentences that say nothing about you.

It will require some work and research on your part to develop an attention-grabbing introduction that speaks to the needs of the business and accentuates your capabilities.

You will be able to write to the employer’s expectations once you have a firm grasp on the traits that a candidate for this position should have.

You may start your letter by saying something like this to promote your qualifications and accomplishments:

For my remarkable sales expertise within the Dangote sales team, I have won three awards.

I can contribute my seasoned sales and product expertise to help Maggi’s sales team increase revenue.

You’ve proven your expertise and willingness to apply it, which is good for the business.

You should focus more on what you can provide the company toward the end of the letter rather than what you can obtain from them. Lastly, make a commitment.

“I will value the chance to talk about your current sales goals for Maggi cubes and seasoning, as well as to show how the concepts and solutions

My skills that I acquired while working for Dangote could help Maggi grow.

I’d be happy to meet with you to talk about how I can help your business grow while reducing expenses.

Please refrain from stating, “I can’t wait to meet you in person.”

It is useless. That doesn’t offer much hope. You won’t stand out from the other applicants in any way. You must be distinctive.

Create a Custom Application

Continue editing your application letter till it’s flawless once you’ve finished the bulk of it.

Verify that the job descriptions and the details of your qualifications and talents match each other.

You must emphasize in a job application that you can fulfill a company’s goals and requirements.

Draw a portrait of yourself.

Employers can look over your resume and discover your prior accomplishments.

On the other hand, you’d like to show him the real person behind all of these accomplishments.

It’s crucial to demonstrate that you’re more than just a list of statistics by briefly outlining your personality.

Add your contact information

To make it simple for the employer to get in touch with you, please include your contact information in your letter.

Make sure you have the appropriate letterhead before you start your application.

Your name, residential address, telephone number, and email address should be listed as your contact information.

Wrap up the letter

You can sign off by adding ‘Yours Sincerely, or Best Wishes’ to the end of your letter.

If you send an email, place your contact information after your name rather than in the message’s header.

Check Your Letter for Errors

Make sure your cover letter adheres to the format for a Nigerian application letter if you’re applying for a job there.

Make sure each statement is clear, and cut long phrases. Eliminate any slang or jargon that might have snuck in.

Be both amiable and appropriate at the same time.

By capping off your cover letter with a flourish, you create a favorable image that may help you land an interview.


Writing a strong application letter for a job in Nigeria is easier than most people think if you follow my advice. However, you will need to conduct preliminary research.

In Nigeria’s competitive job market, recent graduates are struggling to obtain employment. Nobody will be able to disregard your application letter if it is nicely written. You’ll be noticed.

It is possible to land an interview with only a normal CV if you take care to avoid clichés and make your application stand out. The limit is one page. Make careful to read it several times when more composed.

| August 20, 2023.


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