Man regains freedom after being kidnapped, beaten by ‘social media friend’ who lured him with job offer

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Man regains freedom after being kidnapped, beaten by ‘social media friend’ who lured him with job offer

A man has regained freedom following payment of ransom after being lured and kidnapped by a friend he met on social media who offered him a job.

An account of the incident was shared by the junior brother who had raised alarm over his senior brother, Gozie’s abduction.

According to the junior brother identified as Mezublazz on social media, his mother received a call from the kidnappers demanding 1 million naira for his release.

Following pleas and haggling, the ransom was cut to 60K. Mezublazz revealed that his brother, Gozie, was beaten and forced by the men to say he’s gay before freeing him.

After his release, Gozie, who was still in shock from the traumatic experience, revealed that it was a social media friend of his that was responsible.

He said that the friend lured him with a job offer to work with him as a chef at his shop.

However, a different scenario had played out which saw to his kidnap and manhandling.

Read the full account below;

“Yesterday was so dark that I couldn’t even understand what’s going on “around 2 o’clock in the afternoon my mom got a call from my big brother telling her that one of brother gozie entered one chance motor and they are demanding for 1 million naira ransom, after that call my moms phone rang again she picked and they told her that they are giving her before 3 o’clock to pay up the ransom or they will send her pictures of my brothers dead body ,,, I felt lost and confused ,we started begging dem for mercy which they refused and kept ending the call ,I posted a video after going life and got so many people checking up on me to know what’s going on ,to cut the story short we begged dem and they reduced the ransom saying we should send dem 50 or 60k…but after that they striped my brother naked and videoed him ,told him to say that he is gay in the video ,which he did so that they will not hurt him the more cause the beatings was much he came back after we payed the one we have but they released him very late in the night …

Gozie was unconscious yesterday cause he couldn’t say a word because of the trauma and cause he was in shock ..¢3 & ts then today after gaining conscious he told me that the guy that did this to him was his social media friend ,claiming that his a chef and he will need a helping hand to help him out in his shop which he claimed he has ..after my brother met up with him ,they discussed so he told my bro that his house is not very far ,in the process the guy alert him guys they started beating him and took him to one uncomplicated building..because they were many ,my brother couldn’t do anything but plead for mercy

I am using this opportunity to thank everybody that helped out in sharing the news ,iam really grateful to @ucheubah_official and @miss_ezeani I can’t thank you enough and other people that helped in sharing the news ,God bless you all I appreciate…gozie is out now and receiving treatment…even though his having problems with his ear sha but all thanks to God for not letting me and my familydown

Let’s becareful how we meet up with people we don’t know
Stay safe”

| September 19, 2023.


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