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Dubai has always served as a center for business. As a result, due to Dubai’s business operations, there are constantly work opportunities available. Dubai is a dream destination for professionals from all over the world thanks to its high salary, tax-free income, diversified community, luxurious lifestyle, and secure environment. Here, we’ll talk about the jobs that Dubai now has the most need for.

The majority of the queries from readers who are interested in finding employment in Dubai will be addressed in this post. Particularly following the COVID-19 consequences, there are several job openings in specialized industries. It is incredible that some industries are still expanding despite the coronavirus spreading globally. So here are the jobs that are in demand right now in Dubai.

1. Paramedic Jobs in Dubai

As you may guess, Paramedic jobs in Dubai are currently the most demanding jobs in Dubai. Due to the current pandemic situation, Paramedics jobs are in demand not only in UAE but all over the world. Nurses, Paramedic staff, Doctors, and other related staff comes under the paramedic’s category. Currently, it’s a golden opportunity for the professionals related to the paramedic field as due to the high demand salaries are getting higher as well.

2. Delivery/Bike Riders

Dubai is welcoming now Delivery Boys or Bike Riders with open arms. This may surprise you but if we grade the job scope in Dubai the number of jobs available for delivery riders comes on the 2nd. There is great scope of delivery jobs in the UAE and they are now Dubai most demanding jobs sector especially since the Pandemic gave it more boost. These days even, you can have a hot fresh meal on your table within no time.

A bike rider can earn AED 3000-3500 per month by performing this job from 12 to 16 hours a day or as a side business as well. If you want to become a biker rider in UAE then as per the criteria a person should know of tracks, roads, localities residential & commercial areas of the city in order to reach the desired destination within the stipulated time.

The following requirements should be fulfilled to become a rider:-

3. Hotel Jobs or Hospitality Jobs in Dubai

As we all know that Dubai is a top tourist destination in the world and because of that hospitality jobs are always in high demand in Dubai. The UAE is built on the hospitality industry and there are oodles of hotel jobs on-stream, and yes, you really don’t require Arabic to work in this country. With the mega-events like Dubai Expo 2021, sector like real estate, tourism, hotels, and hospitality grows by leaps and bounds, thus creating numerous job opportunities.

The good thing about the hospitality sector is that almost all kinds of jobs come under this sector such as IT, Finance, management, food, cleaning staff, tour guides, etc. Here we are mentioning some of the most demanded jobs in Dubai in the hospitality sector and their expected salaries in hotel jobs in Dubai.

4. Finance/Accounts Jobs in Dubai

Finance or Accounting professionals in Dubai, who have a certification from a professional body are among the highest paid in the Middle East region, according to a survey conducted by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in 2019.

The survey shows that professionals holding advanced degrees earn an average salary that is 96 percent higher compared to those with only baccalaureate degrees, while those in top management positions earn 88 percent more than those in senior management positions.

For the finance and accounting jobs in Dubai, expected salaries on monthly basis are as follows:

5. IT Jobs in Dubai

As the UAE begins its economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, IT jobs are highly demanded jobs in Dubai nowadays. Dramatic changes in business models brought on as a result of the pandemic will require heavy support from the IT department as enterprises recover in the post-COVID economy.

As IT departments adjust to a wealth of new demands either brought on or accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, hiring managers are looking for IT professionals who are prepared to support business continuity while remaining flexible.

Digital transformation efforts — in particular projects aimed at curbing operational cash outlays — are increasing the demand for certain supporting roles in Dubai.

Enterprises in Dubai are looking for candidates with expert levels of competency in specific IT solutions and tools to aid their response to the new demands of the shifting IT landscape.

Here we are going to mention the expected monthly salaries for digital marketing or social media marketing in Dubai

6. Security Jobs in Dubai

Since the boundaries of Dubai are expanding, there is a significant increase in the scope of security jobs in the entire country. As the Govt. of UAE has provided many opportunities to the business community so the security department is an integral part of every organization which has given the boost to opportunities for the job in said sector. Whether you have a business in FTZ or in Business Bay, every organization is in need of security staff. So a lot can go and get hired as security personnel.

The only and basic requirement for security jobs in Dubai is that you need to have a SIRA license. SIRA is a Security Industry Regulatory Agency is a government agency that oversees the operations of security service providers in Dubai. Please note that the agency does not provide jobs itself. They just issue the license if you apply yourself or through the security company that has hired you already.

With SIRA License, you can apply for the following jobs

7. Customer Support Jobs

Customer Support Services represent an effort and outreach to assist customers in the society. The customer service job acts as a bridge that connects clients and customers. In Dubai, the demand for skilled manpower in jobs for customer service is widespread that making it one of the most demanding jobs in Dubai. Sectors of trade, commerce, and tourism have plenty of service-oriented jobs. This brings more job aspirants to work in customer service jobs in Dubai. The work environment of customer service jobs in Dubai has convenient and adequate sources. Customer service in itself is an atmosphere and experience of many cultures, people, choices, and languages. There is great scope to build long-term carriers in organizations from this profession.

8. Supermarket Jobs

Supermarket Jobs In Dubai: There are many popular supermarket chains in Dubai, with household names including Carrefour, Spinneys, LULU, Geant, Waitrose, Choithram, and Hyper Panda.

Dubai’s many supermarkets are all very prestigious employers and offer a wide range of jobs to suit the needs of a broad spectrum of potential candidates.

The type of skills and experience that you will require to be successful in your job hunt at supermarkets in Dubai will depend very much on the position that you are applying for.

For entry-level posts such as those at the bottom level of shelf-stocking and warehousing, all that is generally required is a good level of high school education together with the right positive attitude.

Good communication skills are usually a must, and for any role that comes into contact with the public, for example, customer service, management, and checkout operator roles, having excellent customer service and personal interaction skills are also vital.

Computer literacy is also often very important depending on the position applied for. For more senior roles, obviously, a higher level of education and greater experience is necessary.

9. Bank Jobs in Dubai

The glorious days of banking jobs in Dubai are back now. Since the implementation of 5% VAT in the UAE, hiring professionals with specialist skills is on the rise. One of the most lucrative sectors is going to be the banking and financial services sector. Especially in Dubai, there will be around 5,000 finance and accounting vacancies.

Things were tough during the COVID years as banks were only giving finances and loans to the corporate sector. But, things have gotten better now, Banks have started giving loans, Credit Cards, and other financing services to personal accounts as well. More jobs and better salaries will be on the rise in the coming months.

10. Teacher Jobs in Dubai


As the schools and colleges are opening after the pandemic effect. The demand for teacher jobs in Dubai is increasing due to many teachers belonging to European countries have left the country due to COVID-19. However, it all depends on your experience, qualification, specialization, and for what level you are applying. Note that Primary teachers’ jobs are always highly demanded jobs in Dubai, especially for the subjects of English, Mathematics, and science. However, in the current scenario, Primary schools are preferring candidates which are applying for jobs outside the country due to low salary expectations.

The expected monthly salaries for teachers lie between AED 7000 – AED 12,000 depending on your experience and qualifications.

Here is the list of all the in-demand jobs in Dubai in the current scenario. Best of luck with job hunting and refer to our guide of the tips to get a job in Dubai and also mistakes to avoid while applying for a job in Dubai.

| August 11, 2023.

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