Win The Trophy To Ameliorate The Pains Of Those We Lost – Obi Urges Super Eagles

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Win The Trophy To Ameliorate The Pains Of Those We LostObi Urges Super Eagles

Win the trophy to ameliorate the pains of those we lost – Obi urges super eagles as he cancels trip to Cote D’Ivoire’s Abidjan in respect of Mr Herbert Wigwe and other victims of the helicopter crash in the USA

My beloved Super Eagles,

As you step onto the field of play for the epoch -making AFCON finals today, I want to join our teeming compatriots to express my deepest support and commitment to you.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that I will not be physically present in the stadium to support you. The devastating news of the death of my dear friend, and one of our country’s outstanding entrepreneurs, Herbert Wigwe, CEO of Access Holdings, along with his wife and son, and another friend, former Group Managing Director of Nigeria Exchange Group PLC, Abimbola Ogunbanjo’s passing has left me deeply saddened and affected.

In the light of this tragedy, I’ve had to make a difficult decision to cancel my plans to be present physically at the match venue as a mark of respect to these great souls who made immense contributions to the development of our country particularly in education and youth empowerment through jobs. However, be assured of my unflinching support as I remain here at home, engaging in earnest prayer for your success. The Nation and I have unwavering faith in your abilities and believe wholeheartedly that you can achieve victory.

Winning this trophy would not only bring joy to our nation but also serve as a source of solace, helping to ameliorate the immense pain caused by the loss of these young exceptional leaders.

I want you to know that my commitment to you and the entire team remains unwavering. Even though I cannot be there physically, my thoughts and prayers will be with you every step of the way. I will be cheering you on from afar, sending positive energy and support as you compete on the grand stage. Go forth, Super Eagles, and give it your all. Play with passion, determination, and the knowledge that you carry the hopes and dreams of a proud and great nation on your shoulders.

We believe in you, and we are confident that you will make us proud. With heartfelt wishes for success. – PO

| February 12, 2024.


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