How to Buy a Phone Now and Pay Later in Nigeria: A Guide to Smartphone Shopping

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How to Buy a Phone Now and Pay Later in Nigeria: A Guide to Smartphone Shopping

Owning a smartphone has changed from being a luxury to a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Smartphones are an essential part of our everyday lives, helping us manage our job, stay in touch with friends and family, and access important information. However, not everyone has the financial means to purchase a new phone up front. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services come into play in this situation, making smartphone buying easier and more convenient. We will cover all the details of purchasing a phone in Nigeria with the intention of paying for it later, including the benefits, drawbacks, and everything in between.

Understanding Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a cutting-edge payment system that enables customers to make a purchase and put off paying for it. The cost of the phone is divided into manageable amounts using the installment payment model. BNPL services are quite popular in Nigeria, and a range of suppliers offers flexible payment options to meet a range of needs.

One of BNPL’s key benefits is that it makes it possible for people to get the newest phones without having to stretch their budgets. Additionally, since credit cards are not required, it is available to those without access to regular banking services. Customers may conveniently buy the cellphones they want right away thanks to the simple approach.

You need specific documents in order to “buy now and pay later” in Nigeria, but how can you verify if you are eligible to do so? If you have the necessary documents in order, you can request to buy now and pay later from any Nigerian merchants or platforms:

Your salary for the last six months is shown on a bank statement of accounts.
Letter of employment or work ID card.
a government-approved ID card, such as a Nigerian passport, national identity card, voter card, or driver’s license.
If you have these papers in order, you’ll have a better chance of using BNPL services and getting the smartphone you want without facing any financial difficulties.

Best Online Stores In Nigeria For Smartphone Purchases With Credit

If you’re wondering whether you can only visit websites and download applications to complete all you need, you can visit some stores to get a phone and pay later. However, to make things easy. Some of the top online shops and platforms in Nigeria where you may buy phones and pay later are listed below:

1. Easybuy

In Nigeria, Easybuy is undoubtedly the most well-liked website for financing phone purchases. Easybuy, which has over 2,000 locations nationwide, enables installment sales for all mobile phone models. Easybuy has more than a million users in Nigeria and has been known as a reliable and practical BNPL supplier.

Buying a phone through Easybuy and paying later is a rather simple process. Users can finish the application procedure by downloading the Easybuy app from the Play Store (available for Android smartphones). Users must register and provide the required papers before making a deposit equal to a portion of the phone’s total cost. Once you and Easybuy have completed all the necessary papers, the phone will be delivered.

How to Buy a Phone on Easybuy and Pay Later

Once all the paperwork between you and Easybuy is completed, your chosen phone will be sent to you. If you need assistance completing it, stop by any Easybuy location close by.


In Nigeria, SLOT Systems Limited is a leading reseller of cost-effective, durable computers, gadgets, accessories, and mobile phones. It was founded in 1998 and sells electrical devices while providing excellent after-sales support that satisfies standards set by the international market.

The shop has developed a reputation for consistently being the first to introduce and launch new brands and services. It was the first to introduce software for recovering stolen phones, a service for mobile phone engineering, insurance for phone screens, and more.

How to Purchase a Phone and Make a Slot Payment

You must visit a nearby SLOT store with all the necessary documentation in order to buy a phone from SLOT and pay later. Because it requires physical operations, I won’t write much about this stage; instead, you can learn more about it by going to a slot shop.

However, if you want to order a phone from Slot and pay later, adhere to these easy steps:

3. CDcare

On this website, Nigerians are able to use the Buy Now, Pay Later option to purchase any goods or home items they like. Everything you could possibly need is available on this website, including phones, gadgets, and home equipment like microwaves and refrigerators.

You receive a payment plan when you buy something from CDcare, allowing you to pay a predetermined sum every week or every month. The item will be shipped after you pay a 50% deposit, and the remaining balance will be processed. That’s how easy and uncomplicated CDcare is.

4. Zoomba

Another online store that simplifies shopping in Nigeria is Zoomba. This website’s ability to accept installment payments makes it distinctive. You can do this to reserve an item and make incremental payments until the balance is paid in full. You may get computers, home appliances, and many other things.

Zoomba’s Layaway feature, which enables you to make a purchase and pay later, is another intriguing feature. Although Zoomba is an excellent site to shop, it is serious about its policies. Customer violations of the terms of service and company rules are not tolerated by Zoomba.

5. Spredda

Spredda is an online store that offers products other than only phones, but since the focus of this post is on how to purchase a smartphone and make payments later, let’s move on to the procedure.

Here’s how to buy a phone on Spredda and pay later:

6. Alternative Mall

If you’re searching for a store that offers discounted pricing on electronics, cell phones, furniture, computers, generators, fashion and beauty products, sports and fitness gear, and other goods, where can you find them? You only need to visit the Alternative Mall.

Online retailer Alternative Mall is based in Nigeria. Sterling Alternative is the owner of this enormous online store. Shopping at The Alternative Mall is simple because you may spread out your payments over a year. There is no deposit required, and the only fee that applies is 33.3% of your annual earnings. However, as this would be your account for repayment, you must open a SAF account.

Popular Nigerian providers of buy now, pay later

Nigeria’s smartphone industry is huge and diverse, with many BNPL providers providing users with tempting discounts. Let’s examine some of the most well-liked ones in more detail to see what they have to offer:

7. FlexiPay Nigeria

With an outstanding selection of smartphones and adaptable payment methods, FlexiPay distinguishes out. They have forged alliances with top phone manufacturers to guarantee buyers receive authentic goods and a smooth buying experience. FlexiPay offers a great platform for fans of smartphones with a straightforward and user-friendly application process.

8. QuickCredit

With a focus on electronic gadgets, particularly smartphones, QuickCredit has established a reputation for providing services that are quick and simple. The process of purchasing a smartphone is made simple by their rapid approval times and simple application processes. Customers can select the device that best meets their needs and tastes from a wide selection they offer.

9. EasyPay

EasyPay’s convenient online application process and affordable interest rates have made it a popular choice. They make sure that every consumer may discover a suitable gadget without sacrificing quality by providing a wide range of smartphones to fit various budgets. EasyPay is a reputable BNPL supplier in Nigeria because to its dedication to customer satisfaction.

Application and Eligibility Procedures

The eligibility requirements for BNPL services may differ between providers, but the procedure is typically straightforward and effective. You normally require the following in order to apply for a BNPL plan:

The application procedure is completing an online form and supplying the required paperwork. If your application is accepted, you can proceed to buy the smartphone of your choice on credit after the provider has reviewed it.

Tips for Efficient BNPL Use

Even while using BNPL to purchase the newest smartphone can be practical, appropriate borrowing practices are essential to guarantee a great experience. Here are some crucial pointers to help you maximize this payment method:

  1. Maintain Your Budget: Prior to perusing the extensive assortment of smartphones, evaluate your financial situation and establish a budget. By selecting a phone within your means, you may avoid going overboard with your spending and guarantee manageable monthly payments.
  2. The terms and conditions should be read: Go over the BNPL agreement’s terms and conditions in detail. Keep a tight eye on the interest rates, the payback timeline, and any late payment fines. You may make an informed decision and steer clear of future surprises by being aware of these factors.
  3. Pay bills on time: To preserve a good credit history and have a stress-free BNPL service, timely payments are essential. Missing or making late payments might cost you money, hurt your credit, and prevent you from using BNPL services in the future.
  4. Vendor comparison for BNPL: Don’t choose the first BNPL supplier you find. Compare the conditions of various providers’ payment plans, smartphone offerings, and other factors. Your total purchasing experience can be greatly impacted by selecting the correct provider.

Considerations to Make Before Choosing a Phone

When choosing the ideal smartphone, it’s important to take into account a number of aspects that fit your demands and tastes. The following are important things to remember:

  1. Features and Specifications: Consider the characteristics you need in a smartphone, such as the camera quality, storage space, processor speed, and battery life. Pick a phone that best suits your needs for daily use.
  2. Brand Reputation: Take into account the smartphone brand’s standing in the marketplace. Reputable brands frequently provide better customer service and quality control.
  3. Running System: Depending on your comfort level and desire, choose between iOS and Android. Both operating systems provide distinctive features and environments for apps.
  4. Price Spiral: Decide on a price range for smartphones and stick to it. There are fantastic possibilities for devices in a range of price ranges, so you don’t have to pick the most expensive one.

Choosing the Correct Purchase Now, Pay Later

One size does not fit all when it comes to BNPL plans. The payment choices offered by different providers can vary, so it’s important to pick a plan that works with your budget. When selecting a BNPL plan, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Down payment: While certain BNPL plans may have a down payment requirement, some may not. Pick a down payment plan that fits your spending limit.
  2. Installments each month: Make sure you are aware of the number and size of the needed monthly payments. Make sure the monthly payment is manageable and won’t put a pressure on your resources.
  3. Payback duration: Since each BNPL plan has a different payback duration, it’s important to pick one that will allow you enough time to comfortably pay off the sum.
  4. Interest Rates: Take note of the interest rates the BNPL supplier is charging. Others may have different interest rates depending on the length of the payback period, while some may offer interest-free periods.

Examining the small print

It’s important to read and comprehend the fine print before signing the BNPL agreement. Pay particular attention to the conditions, which should include:

Any unpleasant surprises throughout the BNPL tenure will be avoided by having a thorough understanding of these aspects.


Nigerians’ smartphone buying has never been simpler thanks to the practicality of Buy Now, Pay Later services. You can benefit from these flexible payment plans provided by many online shops and platforms by having the required papers. You can obtain your ideal smartphone without spending a fortune by using Easybuy,, CDcare, Zoomba, or Spredda. To enjoy a seamless purchasing experience, keep in mind to use BNPL responsibly and to make payments on time.

| August 17, 2023.


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